Penny Boyer

Start with a blank canvas and an open mind and you never know what you will achieve!

2018 - Photography has been her life for the past 45 years. Initially studying architecture, her passion for photography became her career focus. She worked and studied in Sydney, Australia, as a professional photographer and after 4 years, moved to Canberra where she worked for 35 years as a photographic technical officer, photographic educator and lastly as Head of Department for Design Industries at Canberra Institute of Technology. Penny completed her Masters in Visual Art (Photomedia) at Australian National University in 2000 and has exhibited widely. She is always open for adventure and has travelled the world, living in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, United States of America and currently living in Helsinki, Finland. 

The website does not include her previous exhibitions only images of Seeing the Unseen exhibition. This will change over time as she works toward populating the site.